"You are not knife wound, not sword swallower, not fallout. You are sky."

William James writes poems and listens to punk rock - not always in that order. He has featured or competed at poetry slams, readings, music venues, and basements in almost every state east of the Mississippi, touring both as a solo artist and in support of musical acts ranging from hardcore bands to folk singers.

A two-time Pushcart nominee and an editor for Drunk In A Midnight Choir, William has represented the Steel City Slam (Pittsburgh, PA) and Port Veritas (Portland, ME) at the National Poetry Slam, and the Individual World Poetry Slam. His work has appeared in Word Riot, RADAR Poetry, Potluck Magazine, DM du Jour, Raduis Lit and more. A full-length collection of poetry, "Rebel Hearts & Restless Ghosts," is forthcoming from Timber Mouse Publishing. He currently lives in Manchester, NH, where he pretends to be older & angrier than he really is.

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"..a gritty young writer with a great big punk rock heart and blood n' guts all over everything he writes...definitely one of the up and coming performance poetry names I keep an eye out for."
Jared Paul, poet/performer/activist

"William James is what I read when I need help not giving up. Each word he writes is another reason to fight. The world can be a dark and unforgiving place, William knows that, but he also knows how to knock some life back into it when all is almost lost."
Sam Teitel, author, The Assassin & the Giant Man

"William James is dangerous...a punk-rock kid turned performance poet, [he] speaks with the authority and fire of a preacher on the pulpit. His poetry exorcises demons & celebrates the communal...bu sure to catch one of his near-religious sets if he is in your area."
Max Blechman, Young & Hungry Zine

"[William James'] poems sound like growing up in the Rust Belt feels, and why all of us from there defend it like it was Paris"
Sam Mercer, poet & host of Poetry On Tap

"...the only poet that has given me chills head to toe from the beginning all the way to the end. His words are filled with passion like you wouldn't believe."
Brian Morgante, Deadhorse